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Feiss Lighting offers a very popular collection of Mirrors to accent your interior design. Whether you are looking for Bathroom or Vanity mirrors or for a decorative mirror for a different room in your home or office, Feiss has an excellent selection. From Traditional to Transitional and even modern - contemporary Feiss offers a style of mirror for you. Feiss mirrors come in many shapes: Oval, Rectangle, Hexagonal, Square and even completely unqiue and organic shapes. Feiss mirrors are available with cut edges and with decorative frames around them, depending on your need and how decorative you wish to be. 

Murray Feiss Lighting

1STOPlighting's Murray Feiss Lights site is proud to be the only e-commerce site 100% dedicated to Feiss lighting products. By providing you the complete Murray Feiss collection, you can now easily find what you need without any distractions. Feiss' impeccable design and quality of selection of lighting products combined with 1STOPlighting’s reliable, customer-based service make a great combination to meet your lighting needs. Feiss Lighting, which has transitioned away from the previous name of Murray Feiss Lighting, is proudly available on Murray Feiss Light.com, a proud member of the 1STOPlighting family of lighting web sites.

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